MOD: Ladies and gentlemen, Frank Spotnitz! Please welcome Chris Carter! Gillian Anderson!
DAVID and GILLIAN: (come out together to much applause)
MOD: Before we get started, I want to tell you something. Y'know, they're still making the movie... and not only that, they were filming all last night, into the morning; they finished up, and they hopped on a plane, and came here just to be here with you guys. We're so grateful-- (drowned out by collective squee, Chris pauses to take photos) I hope this woke you guys up, this reception. If that doesn't, nothing will. And Chris Carter--
GILLIAN: Who are you? (laughter)
MOD: Oh, I'm sorry, Gillian. I'm Michael Gordy(?), I work at FOX.
DAVID: (notices the Frankie & Larry shirts, points; Gillian looks, confers with him, he points again, she appears surprised)
MOD: Chris, question for you and Frank...
CHRIS: (looks at David pointing, smiles and laughs, nodding)
MOD: It's been ten years since the last movie, six years since you wrapped the show... Tell everyone here why it's gonna be worth the wait.
GILLIAN: How did you know about Frankie and Larry? (front row shrieks audibly)
CHRIS: ...Why is it worth the wait? ...Mmmm. It is a good question. (laughter) Because it'll scare the pants off you. Because you'll get to see Mulder and Scully again in a whole new way. (cheers) ...That's why. (laughter)
MOD: All right, I think we have, like, a few thousand people lining up for questions, so let's, uh, have at it.
MOD2: Okay, before we get started... please... do not ask for autographs. Do not ask for photographs. Please do not ask to give them anything. Please, make sure that you are asking an appropriate question.
Q#1: Hi! (David waves) First of all, I just wanna say that it's an honor to be standing in front of two people I've been watching since I was ten years old. (drowned out by applause, David waves again) Uh, it may sound a little premature, but I was just curious... do y'all anticipate making any more movies following this one, or does it depend on the success of this one?
CHRIS: I'm sorry, what's the question? (David laughs, gesticulates to Chris off-mic)
Q#1: Do you anticipate making any more movies after this one?
CHRIS: (smiling) Right away.
Q#2 (venusflesh): I just want to thank you for taking the time to be here, it means a lot. And um, my question is... wh-- for David and Gillian, um... What was it like getting back into the roles of Mulder and Scully, after all these years, was it hard, or what was that like?
GILLIAN: I had a really bad first couple of days. I um, I-I thought that it was gonna be really, um, easy, to just kinda step right into it, and I came into work very confident, um, and uh... I just sucked. I sucked for 48 hours, I think. Um, and uh, unfortunately, they were, um, two very important scenes, um, but hopefully they'll just kind of dissolve into the rest of it, but... it was harder than I thought.
DAVID: (smirking) Maybe you should tell 'em what scenes you sucked in. (Gillian pretends to jump at him, he rears back to much laughter, David raises an appeasing hand) I didn't mean to start it like that! (Gillian says something indiscernible) Uh, but I-I, uh, I feel the same way, it was uh... I thought this was gonna be simple, I know how to do this, and then, uh, I show up on set the first day, and I was woefully unprepared. But luckily I was, I was doing a lot of running, so that kind of, uh, eased my way into it, uh... But yeah, it was-it was odd, because you want to uh... you know time has passed for these two people just as has time has passed for all of us, and we wanted to kind of honor the changes as well as keep them the same people, so it's kind of, uh, we were trying to, I think we're both trying to figure out how to balance that, kinda make 'em a little older, and yet be the same people in many ways.
DAVID: G-Gillian agrees with me. (laughter)
Q#3: Um... you're all wonderful, first of all, uh, X-Files is the greatest. Um, I just had a quick question for David. Uh, do you think you'll be writing or directing any future movies, have you thought about that at all?
DAVID: Is that for me?
Q#3: Yeah, you, David.
DAVID: Oh, um... The question was, do I think I'm going to be writing or directing any future, uh, period, or X-Files?
Q#3: Period.
DAVID: Period. Yeah, uh, if, sure. Yeah, I love-I love that part of it, I loved doing, uh, House of D, and I love it all, and so... (cheers) Thank you, um, so yes, I-I can't wait. As long as I get somebody stupid enough to give me the money to do it. (laughter)
Q#4: Well, I had a hard time thinking of a question that wouldn't require several hours to answer, but, um, along the lines of what the person, two people in front of me wanted to know... I was wondering if you have to... think your way into a role? Or if it's just something that's more automatic and intuitive, especially coming back to the characters, but also with other things that you've done in the meantime.
GILLIAN: Um, I think they're-they're two different things because, we, uh, for myself... because I've played this character for so long, I, um... well no, that's the same answer. I guess, uh, uh, intuitively. Um, but something that I didn't anticipate was because since the series has ended, and I've, uh, tried to, to the best of my ability, do things that are different from Scully, that when I had to play her again, my brain was saying, "No, stop, stop, stop, stop, don't-don't give that expression! Don't answer something like that, because that's Scully!" And then I was like, yeah, Scully is supposed to be Scully! So it was, um, very confusing... Um, but with other stuff, thinking? Um... I mean, for my own processes, it's a mixture of thinking and figuring something out, and also, uh, trying to pay attention to the first intuitive, uh, response on something, and allow the first intuitive, um, inkling to kind of inform... the later inkling after you've thought it out, and, uh, exhausted the thinking, kind of, if that makes any sense.
[ I'm not even going to tell you how long this part took to transcribe, or how much we were laughing as we did it.  ]
DAVID: (smirking) I just kinda say the words. (laughter) No, I uh, I agree with that. I think it's actually harder, uh, you know honestly to come back and do a role that you've done for a long time, because you do-you do want to use your intuition like you do at any time when you're creating something, and yet you have this entire body of work behind it that is, is already created... an entire history as well as, you know, visual images that are holding you to a certain way, so... it's-it's tricky, yeah, but you know, it's an interesting challenge, I thought. For Chris too, to kind of steer us through-steer us through that, kinda remind us.
MOD: Well, I would ask Chris and Frank, how hard was it for you to put pen to paper after all these years, and get back into this world, and write for these characters?
FRANK: Well, uh, writing is always hard, for me. But I was surprised how quickly, um, I reconnected with the characters of Mulder and Scully. It was like, uh, missing people that I had found. (audience 'aww's) And, you know, they've lived in my imagination for so long during the series, and after an absence of six years, it was like there they were, and that came very quickly, that was sort of a nice surprise.
CHRIS: (Frank gets his attention) Oh! ...Uh, it was like no time had passed at all, just, uh, writing the wor-writing the names Mulder and Scully, which I hadn't written for six years, uh, was like the most natural sort of keyboard stroke, uh, as you can imagine. Um, it was like, uh, I dunno, it's, it's been like a dream, the whole movie-making process.
FRANK: It has, it's been a great experience. Did you like the trailer, by the way? (loud cheers) ...Just want to make sure.
Q#5: Um, I-I just wanted to ask, um, I wanted to know if Mark Snow is gonna be doing the music... (David gives him the thumbs up) As well as, um, I had a question for you, Chris, um. In-how did you get the inspiration for The Lone Gunmen, the first episode, with the-the airliner and the twin towers and having that come out before September 11th, and I wanted to know if you got any sort of, um, you know, what-what was the aftermath of September 11th, and having that episode being written, and that?
CHRIS: I'm not gonna touch this one, I'm gonna give it to my colleague here, Frank Spontitz, who actually had more to do with The Lone Gunmen than I did. The Lone Gunmen were created, uh, if you remember in the episode-the first season episode, by, uh, Glen Morgan and James Wong. (cheers) And then we did the TV series. Um, but Frank really had so much more to do with it, and, especially that part of the storyline, I think he has a special, uh, underground, uh, connection.
FRANK: No actually, connection at all, um. But yes, Mark-Mark Snow is doing the score for the movie. (cheers) But, uh, we were just looking for... the most awful crime we could imagine, and it was as simple as that. And, uh, I think all of us, I-I hate to say that, "our first thought." My first thought that morning of September 11th, was The Lone Gunmen, and I was stricken with the thought that maybe we, you know, had somehow inspired it in some way, and I was greatly relieved to learn the plot had existed long before that was on network television... and then disturbed that, if we could imagine it, our government didn't. And-and I didn't understand why we weren't prepared for a tragedy like that. But uh, yeah, it's been the subject of some conspiracy theories online, and you know, we were "directed" to write it and so on... it's just uh, it's just an active imagination like so many others we did at 1013.
[ NOTE: The Lint Moment happens during the answer to this question. ]
Q#6: Uh, Mr. Carter, my question is directed to you, about the television series. I'm continually struck by your, uh, frequent references to religion, and particularly religious texts. Would you mind, uh, commenting on... maybe some of your thoughts, uh, on how you bring that into, uh, particularly a television series?
CHRIS: Uh, I always thought of The X-Files as a search for God, really, and that was, uh, part-a big part of the inspiration. Uh, as far as a particular religion, uh, there is no particular religion. It was really "the truth is out there," is for me, i-is the mantra, but, uh, "I want to believe," that poster on Mulder's wall, I think says it all. (cheers)
Q#7: David, Gillian, Chris? Thank you guys all for coming out today, (David gives the thumbs up) it really means a lot to everyone here.
DAVID: Thanks for having us.
Q#7: My question is, what was the most difficult scene to film, in the movie?
GILLIAN: We're not done yet. (David laughs)
Q#7: So far.
DAVID: Um...
GILLIAN: (off-mic) You-you-you had it harder than I did.
DAVID: (off-mic) Did I?
GILLIAN: (off-mic) Yeah.
DAVID: Uh, well, you know, there are... there are scenes that are difficult in different ways. Um, there are scenes that are difficult physically, those are probably not the most difficult, you know, they just feel like it in the moment, but-but, um... I would think, you know, a-and you're probably gonna laugh when I say it, but I have to explain afterwards, the scenes with Gillian. (audience reacts) Only-only-only because we all want those to work so well, I think, I think, uh... I know I put so much more weight on Mulder/Scully scenes, you know, emotionally, (cheers) in terms of the-the spine of the movie, and-and the heart of the movie, that, you know going into them, I-I-I think I just feel, y'know, more expectations, so in that way, it becomes more difficult, just because there's more, in my mind, more riding on it.
GILLIAN: I'd second that... and add my first 48 hours. (laughter)
SOME GUY: Where's Xzibit?!
GILLIAN: Aww, we love Xzibit! (laughter)
Q#8 (bkri1977): Hello. (David waves) Um, my question actually is for Gillian, and it's not X-Files-related, sorry. Um, what's the status on The Speed of Light, and, I love you.
GILLIAN: (smiling) Thank you. Um... it's a work in progress. It's a huge, uh, burden of guilt on my shoulders, but it's uh, it's... it's, uh, it's... it'll get there, I promise.
MOD: Chris, since the gentleman out there brought it up, Xzibit... and you have Amanda Peet, who we saw in the trailer, and Billy Connolly of course... Can you talk a little bit about them, and casting them, and what, uh, what-what brought them to The X-Files?
CHRIS: Yeah, um, if it hasn't uh, been leaked already... (laughter) Uh, Amanda Peet plays an FBI agent, actually a, uh, Special Agent in Charge named Dakota Whitney. And... Billy Connolly plays a man with very long hair. (laughter, Gillian flips her hair)
Q#9: Throughout the years, The X-Files has interacted with a lot of, like, classic science-fiction narratives, um, like the Post-Modern Prometheus and vampirism. So, I'm wondering if there are any kind of personal, maybe, narratives that you grew up with in childhood that didn't get to be explored in the show? Or maybe just something throughout the years that you just kinda wished, y'know, you would've had an episode about?
DAVID: Well, I, I guess what we're attempting with this movie is a little bit of Dorian Gray, aren't we?
CHRIS: Yeah. (mixed audience reaction)
DAVID: No no no, not that way, I'm just saying we're... (David and audience laugh) We're trying to stay in the game, here! Um... anyway, um. ...Go ahead, Chris. (laughter)
GILLIAN: I always thought that-that Mulder should, uh... I don't think we never did this, auto-erotic asphyxiation?
DAVID: (nods, audience cheers, he raises his eyebrows)
GILLIAN: I thought that might have been a good-a good, uh, topic for Mulder.
DAVID: I think a lot of people would be appalled that auto-erotic asphyxiation gets that kind of applause.
DAVID: Um, no, that was-that was supposed to, that was going to be the way that I was gonna die, that was the way Mulder was gonna die.
DAVID: What?
GILLIAN: (repeats herself, gesturing, off-mic)
DAVID: Oh! (laughs) ...Chris? (laughter)
CHRIS: Uh... I can't think of anything offhand that we didn't do, that we would've liked to have done. Although I had-I had still a list of ideas written in a drawer somewhere. So there were lots, I think, more X-files to make, but I think we ended the show right about the right time. It was, uh, there was a big change in the country after 9/11, and, uh, I think now, coming back, um, things have settled a little bit, and I hope that, uh, the mood is right, and the appetite is right as well. (applause)
Q#10: All right, my question was, from what I've heard, this is going to be more Monster of the Week format than actual-than the actual arc, and I was wondering why you guys chose to go in that
CHRIS: Uh, we chose, it was, we... When we did the first movie, we had an ongoing TV series, so we had to be true to the series and the mythology arc, and so the, uh, the... movie, that movie functioned as actually a sort of big version of the television series, we didn't have that, um, problem this time. Um, so we have a chance to do what I would consider to be a really big-screen, standalone movie. And, while you can call it a Monster of the Week, I hope it is a, uh, it stands the test of uh, the movie-going experience, and just is a really good movie.
Q#11: Uh, I have a question for David.
DAVID: (nodding) Yeah.
Q#11: You were able to almost achieve a PHD and become extremely famous, um, and I just want to know... (laughter)
DAVID: (smiling) Which is harder?
Q#11: Sorry, um, actually, I wanted, uh, words of advice.
GILLIAN: How to be famous and have a PHD?
Q#11: No, just, to keep me going--
DAVID: This is my question! (laughter) Uh, I'm sorry, uh, advice on...?
Q#11: What kept you going? I mean, to make such a huge leap?
DAVID: Ah. Well, it's faith, really. Um, it's, it's just, uh... intuition and instinct, and uh, and following (clears his throat)... your gut, you know. If you, if you believe in, uh... if you believe that you can do something, uh... This is gonna sound inspirational in a way that I don't want to be! (laughter) Um... because, for me, it was just a feeling that this was an avenue that I wanted to go down, and then, um, the avenue kept on going, you know, so, uh... I would just say, you know listen, uh, yeah, this is inspirational, isn't it? (laughter) It's just, uh, just listen to those voices that you no doubt have in your head, you know? (laughter) You have to listen to all of them, you know! And try to find, uh, try to-try to follow them. I mean, it's really, uh... I'm, I'm being, uh, sincere here, I am.
Q#12: Hi, um. One of my very many favorite episodes of The X-Files was the one that was actually directed by Gillian. (applause)
GILLIAN: Thank you.
Q#12: I was just wondering if you could describe the experience of directing it?
GILLIAN: Um, it, uh, was incredibly exhilarating, um. I-I felt very fortunate at the time that, uh, I-I don't even know how I ended up, uh... doing that. Just that the-the, the course of events that lead to that happening are, are lost to me now, um... And, uh, but I did, uh, I-I enjoyed it tremendously, I felt, um, uh... I felt like it was something that I definitely wanted to do again at some point. Um-um, I dunno, without going on and on and on about it, I don't know how to answer that question, but it was, uh, it was thrilling. It was a wonderful experience, thank you.
Q#13: All right, well first of all, like everyone else I want to thank you guys for being here, 'cause it's so awesome and exciting that you're here. But my question is for David and Gillian. I was wondering if you guys, over the course of, you know, nine years and two movies, if you have like a favorite scene that you remember doing that just sort of stuck out in your mind, something that you really enjoyed?
DAVID: A favorite scene?
Q#13: Yeah, that you remember filming?
GILLIAN: One of my favorite episodes is-is, uh, Bad Blood. (audience cheers, David points knowingly) I talk about it all the time! It's probably just 'cause it's the only one that I remember. (laughter) I just, I just loved, I loved that...
DAVID: She loves Bad Blood. (Gillian hides her face, laughing) Every day, it's "Bad Blood, Bad Blood! Anyone remember that from Bad Blood?" ...Why. Why? Yeah, why?
GILLIAN: Um, I just thought that we were in a really good place in our, um, I thought that the script was great and, um, we were just really, in a really good place with our back and forth, and it was kind of like, you know... the-the-the premise was it was our, um, each of our ideas of what had taken place, uh, in an event, and um, so... I-I got to... I dunno, my brain is dead. But, um, but we both got to play, um, how... play the other person's, um, perception of ourselves, (David nods, stretching) so I was incredibly moody and bitchy, and (unintelligible over audience laughter) and um, David was, um, going on and on and on and on and on and on and on... (laughter) It was just fun!
Q#14: Uh, you guys, this question is for all of you guys, um. A lot of shows, when they end, uh, the actors and the creators are just done with the show and the characters. Did it take like, a group effort from you guys, or was it a thing where you guys were all on board, but were waiting for the execs to greenlight it?
CHRIS: I-I'll tell you why this movie is-was made. It was made because of him... (points to Frank) Because of these two people (points to David and Gillian) who wanted to make it, and David was particularly, uh, encouraging. (applause) Um, FOX came to us very early on, I-you may have heard this, because I-I've been quoted saying this, they-they came to us early on, and said "Let's do a movie," and we started working on it, and then there was a lawsuit, and that stopped us working on it, and then we came back to it again when FOX, uh, picked up the phone and said, "It's now or never." And, I have to say, uh, these people sitting around me are the reason we're doing it, 'cause they said do it now. (applause)
Q#15: Hi, um... well, first off, um, thank you all for coming back, if this room is any indication, there's going to be a lot of people all over who are real happy to see this movie.
DAVID: That would be great. (applause)
Q#15: Um, the other thing (unintelligble) briefly (unintelligible) he asked about the Monster of the Week thing... uh, is-is the mythology is completely out, because... Especially with it, you know, being 2008, and with the end of the show talking about, uh, y'know, 2012 and all that, that seems like kind of a hard thing to kind of ignore, like...
GILLIAN: That's still four years away! (laughter)
Q#15: So is that gonna be addressed at all?
CHRIS: Yeah, we-we've talked about it, but, and uh, we want to be true to the series and the mythology, but we want to make sure that we just do the best movies we can, and uh, do what feels right, like we've-like we've always done. And, um, I-I'd say that's... that 2012 date is certainly looming in our minds. (cheers)
Q#16: Hi, welcome to San Francisco!
CHRIS: Thank you.
DAVID: Thank you!
Q#16: Um, I was wondering if I could ask the two actors, uh, coming from a house that, uh, only really was allowed to watch one TV show a week, and you guys were that show, um... what do you like to believe? Your show really spent a lot of time talking about, uh, that issue, and I'd like to know, personally, what--?
DAVID: Wh-what was the question?
Q#16: What do you like to believe? What's your--
DAVID: What do we like to believe? What do we like--
Q#16: Believe.
DAVID: Believe?
Q#16: Yeah.
CHRIS: Can I ask you a question?
Q#16: Sure.
CHRIS: Are you from Sherwood forest? (laughter)
Q#16: Why yes, I am.
DAVID: (laughing) Well, I believe in that. (laughter) Wh-wh-what are you dressed as?
Q#16: Link. (applause, cheers of "ZELDA!")
DAVID: (long pause) ...Who? (laughter)
Q#16: If my dad knew I was talking to you in this costume, oh my God. (laughter)
DAVID: You look great.
GILLIAN: Is this a fetish? (shrieks, laughter)
Q#16: It will be on the Internet soon, who knows. (laughter)
GILLIAN: David, what do you like to believe in?
DAVID: Oh, I thought we had circumvented that. (laughter)
GILLIAN: I'm sorry.
Q#17: This is to all of you. It seems like X-Files has been the predecessor for so many crime dramas like CSI, and others that are on now. What do you feel that the current film delivers in the realm of, you know, technology, and FBI procedure, um, and standing up against all these, y'know, pretty hi-tech series that are happening now?
DAVID: Well, I mean I think, uh, to give all the respect to Chris and Frank that they deserve, uh, the storytelling in The X-Files w-I think was always, uh, much more sophisticated than those shows, because they rely, y'know, basically on... these crazy hunches, and then, uh, the science bears them out. And the-the struggle in The X-- not that I-I haven't, I've never seen one, so I'm talking out of my... rear, so. (laughter) But the-the struggle on The X-Files, the procedure of The X-Files was always the-the battle between Mulder's point of view and Scully's point of view. So, I think that it will always have that, and that's actually always what sets it apart, and I-I don't think that uh, the gimmicks, and y'know, (gesticulating) the bullet going through the... meat, and all those things -- that's all I've ever seen. (laughter) Uh, I mean I don't know if you go to the movies for that, I think you go for the, uh, for the philosophical battle and the actual... the drama of solving a case with, uh, with intellect, in a way. I dunno! (applause) Frank?
FRANK: Yeah, I... I think part of the reason that this has been such a pleasure for us is that we've been freed from the pressure of having to do 20 to 24 hours of television every year... freed from the pressure of having to squeeze the movie between two seasons of the series. And, for me, to just tell the best story that we can think of, about these two people, and where they are in their lives. And, um, and we love these characters, we love this-this show, so... um, we didn't feel the need to, uh, to compete or-or think about other stories that are being told, we just felt the need to tell the best story about these people. And that's what we think we've done. (applause)
Q#18: This question is directed towards Chris Carter. What advice would you have for up-and-coming new directors?
CHRIS: Um... for just directors? Are you a writer, too?
Q#18: No, sir.
CHRIS: Uh... (long pause) Be careful what you wish for. (laughter) It-it's a very hard job, you are asked, um, more questions than-your head is spinning all the time, because you're being asked, uh, so many questions, you've gotta keep so many things straight in your head. And I'll tell you, I'm here today, I didn't- I slept a-about fifteen minutes on the plane, I have not slept in 24 hours. If you want that life, you can have it. (laughter)
Q#18: Thank you!
Q#19: First off, I've been a fan, like the first girl, since I was ten, for about fifteen years, um... But my question, you've brought a lot of characters on, over the years, and one character that always seems to come back to life, besides Cancer Man, is Krycek. (cheers) Are you bringing him back, or is he gonna appear in the movie at all? Or, is he done?
CHRIS: Um...
Q#19: Is he actually dead? (laughter) I know he's lost arms, and--
DAVID: He's got that, he's got that tea bag-dipping hand. (mimics Krycek to much laughter)
Q#19: Yeah!
DAVID: I could go all day. (laughter) It's a good gag.
CHRIS: Do you want an answer? (laughter) Uh... we are keeping a secret, uh, and I think that you'll all appreciate that we are, uh, who is going to appear in the movie, and... (cheers) Besides David and Gillian of course... a-and Amanda Peet, and Billy Connolly and Xzibit. Um, so I'll just say to you that, uh... nobody's ever dead-really dead on The X-Files. (applause)
DAVID: But I-I'll call Nick Lea right now, and tell him, uh, you were asking that. He'll get a kick out of that. (laughter)
Q#20: Um, hi, it's great to see the four of you here. (David waves) Um, uh, David, one of my favorite movies in the world is Evolution. (laughter, cheers) And, well... you have the most beautiful woman on the planet sitting next to you. Can she co-star in the next one? (cheers, David points to Gillian) ...Please?
DAVID: It's fine by me! I don't believe they're gonna make another Evolution, but... (laughter) If they did, I-I think Gillian would be terrific, and we'd be lucky to have her. (cheers, Gillian hides her face)
Q#21: Hi. You guys mean more to me than... anything. My husband had a stroke last week, and I am here. (audience reacts) He wanted me to come, he knows how much this means! (David points to his ear twice) Can't hear, sorry. I... don't even know what to say at this point, I... wanted to know, all--
DAVID: What does your, I can't, what does your sign say?
Q#21: It says "I love you guys so much, I named my son Xander Fox Thorsten(?)," which, his initials are actually, in school, T-X-F. So, uh... but, anyway. (more audience reaction) My question was, what were the three of your favorite episodes? But we already know Gillian's--
DAVID: Bad Blood.
Q#21: --and Luke Wilson says hi. I met him at Pebble Beach last week! But what is your favorite episode, David, and what is yours, Chris?
DAVID: Um... (laughter) I, uh, there's a-there's a few, I mean, I don't have like, a one favorite... but, um, I come back always to Chris's, uh, black and white episode, that I felt was so great, and, uh... (cheers) Uh, the, uh... the Charles Nelson Reilly one, (cheers) that one was good, and um..... Bad Blood? (motions to Gillian, laughter) Chris?
CHRIS: Uh, I have many, it's really hard, and when asked this question, I say Post-Modern Prometheus, because it wa-it was very personal. Um, I have to say that there are s-there are shows in the first season that I think helped make us, uh, what we became, and one of those is Beyond the Sea. (applause) I-I think it was a great role for Gillian, uh, I think it really showed what the show could be, and uh--
GILLIAN: It meant that they didn't fire me, which is what they really wanted to do. (shocked laughter)
CHRIS: That's not true. (laughter)
GILLIAN: I know.
CHRIS: Um, anyway, that's-that is among many, uh, episodes that I think are great. I think David's, uh, baseball episode is terrific. (applause)
DAVID: Thank you.
CHRIS: And... I like 'em all.
DAVID: And... what do you think of Bad Blood? (laughter)
FRANK: The X-Files was really so many different types of stories, that I find it hard to pick one that I like the best, because, y'know... for comedy I liked, Humbug and Clyde Bruckman, everything Darin Morgan wrote, (applause) and Syzygy... uh, and the suspense-thriller ones, like Duane Barry and Anasazi, and uh, and the more horror ones, like Home, so... I listed about seven favorites, I don't think I can pick one.
MOD2: And we have time for one last question. (audience 'aww's)
MOD2: Would you guys stop that! I can't control time, I'm not that good.
DAVID: (chuffs) Chris can. (laughter)
Q#22: Hello, um, this question is for Gillian and David. Um, when you guys were on The Simpsons, how was it to act alongside one-one of the, you know, best actors of-of our time, Homer Simpson? (laughter)
GILLIAN: You know what--
DAVID: I-if only we had been, uh, actually alongside Homer. Uh, as I recall, we uh, we just, were there--
GILLIAN: We weren't even in the same room together--
DAVID: No, we were--
GILLIAN: Oh, were we?
DAVID: We were in the same room together, um... I think, (laughter) and, uh... but I remember we were, no I don't remember much about it all, but uh... We were just, uh, we were-we were just in a, in a sound booth--
GILLIAN: Yup, that's correct.
DAVID: --up in Vancouver.
GILLIAN: That's correct.
DAVID: So you were there! (laughter)
DAVID: And um, we just got the script, and we just kind of said our lines, uh, three or four times--
GILLIAN: And then went home!
DAVID: And then two years later, uh, that show came out, no, I think it takes like--
DAVID: Yeah, and um, so uh, you know... Homer gave me nothing. (laughter)
MOD: Well, we gotta wrap it up, but I just want to say first of all, thank you all for coming, for your enthusiasm-- (applause) We love you for that, thank you. And I want to say special, very, very special thanks to David, to Gillian, to Chris, and to Frank. (applause) They not only gave up a very precious day off, on their weekend -- and they get all too few of them, while making this-this movie -- they gave up a night's sleep, and headed all the way here, and--
DAVID: (raising his hand) O-one last thing!
GILLIAN: No, no, no, two last things!
DAVID: Two last things! ...It's not about Bad Blood, is it? (laughter) Uh... You know, people have-have asked Chris and I, and Frank and Gillian, of course... you know, do you still think there's an audience out there for the show, and uh... (cheers) I know! But honestly, I know, it's a cheap applause line that I'm going for here, (laughter) but personally it's very-it feels very nice to see you guys here, to know, you know, that... we thought you were still out there, and uh, we-we're convinced now that you are. (applause, cheers)
GILLIAN: I'm just gonna do a little plug that, um, we've got a couple of, um, Doodle Days coming up, which have doodles from, uh, David and Chris and uh, Mitch, and Xzibit and Billy and a whole bunch of other people are coming up to raise money for one of my charities, so you can go onto the site to look for that. There's also going to be an auction of X-file, uh... is it memorabilia or paraphernalia? (laughter) Um, one of those things... prophylactics, um. (laughter, cheers) X-Files-related material on my website before the opening of the, um, movie, so keep your eyes open. (cheers, applause)
MOD: Chris, any parting words?
CHRIS: Uh, no, I just... uh, this is very, very exciting to see all of you out here. Uh, we are working blind right now, we're working very hard to make a-a great movie, hoping that there's a big audience, and, uh, that we can make more movies. (cheers)
MOD: Thanks everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for our guests from 20th Century FOX: Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, and Mr. (?) for moderating our panels this afternoon. (cheers and applause)